The New HA


Welcome to Studio Hecha! There's been a lot happening lately, that with the election, getting married last August, buying a house, switching over to a full-time design position. Life is happening people. Since the new year, I've been thinking about switching things up. Turning over a new leaf. Re-defining myself and my brand.

So welcome to Hecha. It's still the same me. Just a new name, a new mark, and a new point of view.

A little background on the name so you can travel this journey with me. I wanted to maintain HA, since it's the playful/cheeky side of my personality, but also represents my initials. While thinking of what my work embodies as an artist, I wanted to go deeper, more defined. Give it some body. Enter: Hecha. Hecha's literal Spanish interpretation is the female adjective, to make. I strongly feel that every project I take on is an extension of my personality. It becomes personal. I use my hands to form an identity around an idea and it begins to flourish.

With the many avenues of work I indulge myself in, everything comes back to the hands. Making. So there you have it. A little insight into the mind realm of HA. I'll be updating this space as frequently as it happens. For now, I hope you know you're not alone out there, and let's keep fighting the good fight.



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