Hecha: (adj): made.

Studio Hecha is a namesake of the design realm of Haley Ann Bradley (formally Robinson). Hecha has formed as a response to the evolution of Studio HA ~ The design baby of Bradley's previous years' explorations. H-A still being derived from HechA. With a strong influence on hand-made design, Hecha is the next generation of a balance in making shapes, moving pixels, and creating a relationship between life and design for the artist.

By instilling pragmatic beauty into functional objects, Bradley's work embodies a modern, clean sophistication with hints of playful, organic moments. Studies in Graphic Design and color theory influence her artistic choices in both execution and direction. Use of pattern brings a gentle cheekiness, revealing Bradley's humor and passion for shape. Surrendering to color, she allows each object to guide her through her process, providing a crucial dialogue between object and artist. 

Bradley studied at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. The push of the city and the pull of nature keeps her grounded. Artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon and working as a Trend forecaster, Color + Pattern enthusiast, and building a body of one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces available in her shop.

Please email the Artist with any collaboration questions, wholesale inquiries, or design feelings.

Stay wavy.